VIDEO: Bootcamp Pilates Interview

Hidden away in the City lies one of four Bootcamp Pilates locations.

We went along to one of the classes and caught up with James Woodhouse, a Bootcamp Pilates instructor and trainer.

Here’s what James had to say about the benefits of this ‘alternative‘ mode of exercise:

For more about fitness and Bootcamp classes, why not have a gander at James’ blog here.

“James describes himself as having a laid-back – if highly active – approach to life, believing that if you take care of your health, everything else will follow.

Ever since he was an overactive kid he’s wanted to keep moving, taking part in everything from football to hiking.

James teaches the notion that the human body should be able to function for more than 100 years, making all the niggles that can appear in early middle age totally preventable.

By practicing movement with good technique, he thinks we can live a pain-free life – and even attain that much-wanted six-pack.”

Check out Vicki-Jane’s altFit video and review from a Bootcamp Pilates class here.

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