Instagram Fitspiration

Our fitness favourites

Between all of our alternative exercise routines, we’ve been looking elsewhere to find fitness inspiration.

So we decided to collate all of our favourite Instagram fitness fanatics who’ve shown us that you don’t need to go very far to find motivation to get fit.

Enjoy our top five picks.

Click on the links below for their Insta accounts!

1) Two Bad Bodies @twobadbodies

From coordinated jump rope routines to mesmerising synchronised stair workout routines, Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen are an incredible fitspirations.

The ‘BAD’ (Beautiful Atheltic Duo) met while competing in races for the University of Washington, and have been fit friends ever since.

Through their frequently updated page, the pair’s creativity and variety of workouts inspire us at altFit to have fun with our fitness.


2) Ellie Goulding @elliegoulding

She’s a chart-topper, but she’s also a gym-goer! New face of the Nike Women campaign, Ellie Goulding uses her ‘gram as a great way of kindling her passion for fitness.

In this video Ellie experiments using the dreaded battle ropes – they’re great for building some great arm strength and for letting off some steam in the gym.


3) Ben Booker @thebenbooker

Think climbing ropes are only for kids on the playground? Then you haven’t met Ben. DailyBurn trainer Ben Booker rocks the rope…mid-push-up! Plus, his snaps of other fitness challenges ( including grip strength trainingdynamic push-ups and more) motivate us to get creative with our own crushing workouts.


4) Keoni Hudoba @keonihudoba

Join Hawaiian-born trainer and creator of the Cyc method Keoni Hudoba in his #partnerlikeaBOSS movement, which challenges you to team up for fitness tasks. The push-up above is twice as tricky! Or, stability squats, anyone?

5) Massiel “Massy” Arias @upyourfitness

Personal trainer, Massy, masters the flagpole. It’s the ultimate fitness move, but Massy makes it look effortless as he swings around his local gym. This one-legged squat will torch your glutes, hammies and quads. We love following Massy’s fitness journey on IG with informative captions in English and Spanish.

5) Hunter Cook @hunterfitness
Level up that pigeon stretch. Trainer Hunter Cook has a unique spin on mobility that includes ninja-like movements in the Insta-vid below. And how can we resist double tapping for his adorable pitbull making a guest appearance in the Cali-based trainer’s squatting snaps!

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