We’re alternative for a reason

It’s looking increasingly like Londoners are finding trips to the gym tedious or too solitary.

According to these Google Trend graphs, more and more keen Googlers are choosing to be experimental with their fitness.


Graph 1

Brave and savvy social media users are encouraging others to try out these strange, bizarre and uncanny exercises – all in the names of fun and fitness.

Many ‘gym-bunnies’ are inviting their ‘fitness-phobe’ counterparts to try something out of the ordinary.

This is the core value of altFit London. We exist due to the increase in popularity of ‘different’ exercise regimes. From rock climbing to swing dancing, our selection of unusual London workouts should cater to all interests and fitness levels.


Graph 2

Looking closely at Graph 1, it seems interest in ‘alternative exercise’ began in July 2005, presumably by those seeking the infamous ‘Summer body’.

The levels alternate roughly around the same count after April 2011 and the present day – between 80-100 searches. The rise in interest for alternative fitness is demonstrated from September 2014 though, as the gradient steepens from then on.

In Graph 2: After a sudden peak and dramatic drop in January to February 2011, since August 2014 the slope of the graph climbs quickly to November 2014 where fascination and interest in ‘strange’ fitness has augmented.

It appears that some people simply prefer to spend time exercising outdoors while the weather’s good, whilst others seek the thrill of a new type of fitness regime.

What’s clear from this research is that people want more for their fitness. and are prepared to try out new ways to keep their bodies healthy.

The capital has plenty of unconventional exercise options available, and we’re pealing back the sweat to reveal all. Stay tuned!

– Ashna Hurynag


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