Instagram Inspiration

Our healthy food favourites

Between all of our alternative exercise routines, we’ve been getting more than a little peckish here at altFit.

So we decided to collate all of our favourite Instagram foodies who’ve proved it’s possible to love healthy food. Enjoy our top picks…

Click on the thumbnails below for the full captions!

1) Millie Mackintosh @camillamackintosh

After making her debut on E4 reality show ‘Made In Chelsea’, Millie Mackinstosh has quickly risen in the celebrity ranks. Since leaving the show, her career has flourished within the food, fitness and fashion worlds.

Her Insta is peppered with intense video workouts and meals specialising in exotic ingredients.

2) Karly Kallis @cleaneatingsurvivalguide

Karly is a ‘health and fitness lover’ whose page is full of mouth-watering, scrumptious, and surprisingly, healthy treats. It’s all about raw, vegan food without compromising taste.

This is the perfect selection of recipes and food inspo for anyone who has a sweet tooth but still wants to feel healthy. It is a delicious mix of beautiful food shots and inspired dishes using super fresh ingredients.

3) Meg Thompson @mywholefoodromance

Meg works in nutrition and recipe consultancy, she’s also a mum and a cook – so knows what’s right and wrong for our bodies.

Her huge salad bowls will never fail to make your mouth water and her constant stream of photos will inspire you to embrace a wholesome diet.

4) Tilda from Sweden @flourishinghealth

Tilda describes herself as a ‘fruit-loving, plant-based foodie’. She’s only 18, yet takes the most elegant and beautiful photos of food we’ve ever seen.

This Insta is just a huge amount of food porn which won’t leave you feeling guilty. It’ll have you craving a huge, fresh salad or a delicious sweet potato loaded up with veggies.

If you love bananas, berries and beetroot, Tilda’s feed won’t let you down!

5) David Frenkiel @gkstories

David is the author of The Green Kitchen. He’s passionate about vegetarian food and photography, and this much is more than apparent after a quick scroll through his feed.

Photos from this Insta just make you want to move to a farm and eat delicious food for the rest of your life.

Focusing on homely, nourishing meals, David and his family will take you on a food journey that you’ll never want to unfollow.

What are your favourite healthy recipes? Tweet us @altFitLondon!

Ashna Hurynag


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    Spring is on it’s way in and this Instagram curation of foodie lifestyle posts make a perfect read in the sunshine today.
    Check them out on altFit London! Enjoy.


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