It’s rigorous, sweaty, hardcore and extremely fun.

Location: Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London

Mondays, 7.30pm

How much? £14 per class

What is it? Ravercise is a fast paced, fun filled dance class featuring a live DJ playing energetic bass music, choreographed and taught by professional dancers on a low lit club dance floor in East London.

How long? 1 hour

Tell me more: 

It’s daytime clubbing for the hard working individuals who want to combine their eager night-out personalities with high intensity exercise.

One raver described it as  “very trippy”.

Set to a live DJ, the backdrop of East London’s new fitness trend comes straight out of a ‘Step Up’ film.

It’s underground, low-lit club location makes you feel like you’re stuck in the 80s with lycra, neon lights and glitter balls everywhere.

The workout itself is comprised of a warm-up, followed by a spurt of high intensity ‘raving’ and a cool down – sandwiched in an hour long class.

Most unusual of all though, comes in the final 10 minutes where the entire class is encouraged to ‘rave out’ and go completely wild, ‘letting loose’ is what the instructor demanded we do!

Arms were flailing, legs were bending and there was lots of jumping as the whole scene resembled a chaotic nightclub where everyone couldn’t care less about appearances as they let their hair down.

In a sentence: utterly surreal Monday madness, a must-do exercise class, even the gimmick won’t put you off from coming back for more.

Check out my interview with Ravercise Dance Instructor and Choreographer, Kimberley Collins, here:

“It’s basically healthy raving”

Ashna Hurynag


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