Fitness Trends for 2015

We here at altFit are committed to bringing you the latest fitness trends on the horizon – and this post is no exception.

I’ll be giving you the fitness trend forecast for 2015.

Happy sweating!


Body weight training

Kicking off with what more than 3,000 fitness professionals believe is the next big thing. This form of exercise won’t have you awkwardly crossing over to THAT weight section of the gym.

This fitness trend will incorporate adult jungle gyms and workout spaces that are scarce of dumbbells and lifting equipment. Who needs all that fancy equipment when you have the tools attached to your body?

Body weight training will use large open spaces to allow for greater suspension training options and primal movements to get core all-round body training.

In a sentence: going back to a raw form of exercise, good old-fashioned push-ups, squats and crunches.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

With our increasingly busy lifestyles and lunch breaks spent at the gym becoming an increasingly common thing – it is no wonder the HIIT trend is on top form for 2015.

This super-effective technique, which alternates intense bursts of exercise with short, sometimes active, recovery periods, isn’t going anywhere.

This trend allows you to get your heart rate up, sweat and burn calories in a short spurt of time.

Telemetry: Digital engagement

“Telemetry”, n – the process of using special equipment to take measurements of something (such as pressure, speed, or temperature) and send them by radio to another place.

Who knew technology could help us lose weight?

2015 brings many fitness gadgets to complement your healthy lifestyle. There are now so many top fitness wearables on the market that choosing the best can be difficult.

Some of the more popular trackers for 2015 include:

The Nike Fuelband and the FitBit can run upwards of £100, but they can be well worth it if they actually motivate you to exercise. Each day, you’ll want to challenge yourself to reach your set goal. As an added bonus, the FitBit also monitors your sleep patterns.

Many of these wearable devices sync up with apps too. But there are also just the apps themselves that you can use on your iPhone or smart phone device without having to wear anything or input data into logs.

We hope to put some of these to the test, so be on the lookout for our reviews!

Online workouts

NEWSFLASH: Celebrity fitness DVDs are no longer a ‘thing’.

Instead another growing tech trend is web based fitness. More and more people are participating in online fitness challenges and weight loss contests or doing their workouts with streaming videos on YouTube or iTunes for example.

They encourage social interaction and introduce a sense of competition to working out.

But it’s not just new mums who are turning to online based fitness tasks to fit around their newborns – from podcasts to YouTube tutorials – working out in your bedroom just got cool.

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Ashna Hurynag


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